Attention Earthlings! TEN LITTLE ALIENS  have landed in your bookshops. 

Behold their shiny purple wonderfulness.

They're aliens, they're little and there's ten of them. They come in peace and can be found in all good bookshops now.

But watch out for the Trump-O-Tron...

Another New Book Out Now!

Meanwhile, back on Earth... I was delighted when a new picture book that I've written and illustrated was released earlier in April to coincide with the Bologna Children's Book Fair. "Meet the Penguins" is published by the excellent team at Oxford University Press. Many grateful thanks to all involved and to Pete Marley and Lizzie Smart in particular.

The Penguins have travelled a long way and they really want to make some new friends. But does anyone want to play?

Hope you enjoy.

© mike brownlow 2019