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World Book Day 2019!

I was very excited when the Ten Little series was asked to be part of World Book Day (UK and Ireland) 2019.


Simon and I created TEN LITTLE BOOKWORMS specially for the occasion of this wonderful, annual event. Part of WBD's aims are to promote reading for pleasure and sharing stories, causes very close to my heart.


Everything changes when we learn to read. We learn empathy, gain knowledge and nourish the imagination. It’s how minds connect and people understand each other. We need literate citizens more than ever.


As it says in Ten Little Bookworms, “… making friends with books is just the best thing you can do!” 

Here’s to friendship and here’s to reading for pleasure.


Ten Little Bookworms Cover.png

About World Book Day

"World Book Day is a charity dedicated to celebrating the benefits of reading for pleasure for everyone, everywhere – promoting the magic of books, the power of imagination and the importance of sharing stories. 

World Book Day is sponsored by National Book Tokens and is supported generously each year by the publishing industry and authors. Every year, with a host of publishers and booksellers, World Book Day creates a specially curated list of bespoke £1 books for children and young adults across the UK and Ireland. On World Book Day each year, children are welcomed into bookshops and supermarkets across the nation where they can use their £1 book tokens to redeem a World Book Day title OR if they prefer, they can buy any book of their choice at a £1 discount. The day is an annual mass celebration of books and reading which sees children enjoying dressing up as their favourite characters and participating in an array of organised events and activities in schools, bookshops and at home. 

Share a Story which was a successful new strand of World Book Day in 2018 is now taking centre stage as the overarching theme of World Book Day 2019. While continuing to offer children all of the activities which are core to the annual event, the campaign this year will include a call to action to parents and carers to share a story with children in their care by reading together for ten minutes on World Book Day. By sharing stories together, at home or school, in the library or in the park, on a bus or train – anywhere, anytime – for just 10 minutes a day has long-lasting positive effects on a child’s reading habits and future. 

The aim is to inspire new reading habits for adults and children, underlining just how important this shared reading experience is." 


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